• 2 months ago

I want it random, with someone I spot on an dating app, when you don’t know if they’ll look as hot as their pics but when you meet them & they do, that in itself feels like victory.
We can’t stop smiling at each other throughout the vibe & conversation.
I want it perverted like when innocent questions are answered by dirty mind.
We flirt, subtle lip licking, small touches on the lower back & wondering eyes.
I want to be told what he wants to do to me while I laugh it off like his dirty words didn’t just travel to my guts just now.
I want it sexy, like when he bites his lip then, after so much angst, he makes a move.
I want it off guard, like when you know it’s coming but not exactly when, like when someone says they’ll count to 3, but kisses you on 2.
I want it hurried, like when you can tell he’s fucking starving because of his erratic grouping & it feels like a tease because his hands move too quickly from your breast to your thighs, back to your neck & it’s endless but you don’t want to slow him down because his hunger is making you wet.
I want that kiss that’s a little painful, so you moan out & he growls.
I want to be bitten & buised with kisses on my neck & inner thighs.
I want that moment when he grinds his hips into you so you can feel how hard his cock is.
I want it rough, but unintentional like when young men don’t know their own strength.
I want to wake up with that sore spot, that one you don’t know is there until you get up to walk.
I want the shyness in the morning when he wakes up wanting more, convencing you with how emaculate his toned body looks at sun rise, his dirty words & gestures & his grip on a leg or arm, pulling you closer.
I want to wiggle out of his grasp & escape to the restroom to brush up & shower, when sneaks in & stands behind you & you can feel he wants more.
God, I want it with you so bad right now.

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