• 6 days ago

My landlord is a dirty old fuck who watches pedophilia all day, shoots methadone in his arms and deserves to die for the young girls he has raped in foreign countries. I’m considering drugging him with a combination of deliriants like datura and salvia mixed in his hot sauce or ice cream, maybe mixed with a little Molly and PCP I have been saving to bring on the 72 hour inescapable horror trip through his personal Hell he deserves. I’ll pour gasoline into his butthole and light his intestines on motherfucking fire. Once he finally loses consciousness I would tie him upside down in the bathroom shower by his dick so I can skin him alive and drain his blood before gleefully overdosing him on his own opioids and use Narcan to bring his pastie white ass back to life over and over so he suffers. Heroin shooting child fucking waste of fucking air bastard. I would then chop his body up with a chainsaw while he still has a little life left in him and then roast him piece by piece in the oven so I can feed him to his poor mistreated cat.
I crack his skull and flush his brain down the toilet and bury what is left of him in the woods.
Fuck you Mark. You’re lucky I have not beat you in the head with a machete you sack of shit

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