• 7 days ago

My ex was a piece of shit. Together, we were toxic. However, he taught me a few things about myself. We only ever had phone sex, so I’m still a virgin, but I’ve learned a few things, and I need to talk about it to somebody. Even after I orgasm twice, I still want more. I absolutely love dirty talk and being commanded, and I love countdowns and punishments. I have a daddy kink, and I orgasm the hardest with a finger up by ass fucking me. It feels so goddamn good to me, the sheer sensation of it. And, since I’m going all out and confessing things, I love to be dominated, despite never being in person. But I also adore the feeling of giving orders, and I’ve been watching lots of edging videos for guys recently. I wish I were different or older, so I could experiment the way I want. Within reason and being safe, of course. But I fucken swear, all I want is a cock to suck off and to make a guy cum, preferably in my mouth to swallow or on my tits, but still. I’m sorry this is a little discombobulated, but I’ve had all these desires and things built up for so long with no one to talk to about it, and I just needed to get it off my chest. Thank lord for this website, lol.

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