• 2 years ago

Does that Pakistani Princess still have her clit? It’s a shame that the Muslims cut it out on so many girls. I hope she still has it as that may improve her interest in sex.

She may prefer that you take control. Tie her hands behind her back and then do as you please. That way she can feel that she isn’t responsible and that you made the choice. Muslim women defer to the male.

I know a Muslim family. The daughter graduated college and must be 22, but she still lives at home and does everything Daddy says. She still gets her bare bottom paddled. No boyfriends allowed.

Take that Pakistani Princess and give her the paddle or belt once a week. Ten to 20 swats should do it. More if she needs it. Start the anal sex slowly to avoid pain for her. Insert a slender object and then a slightly bigger one, until she can handle it.