• 7 months ago

I am a male, 33 and I indulge in my fantasies quite a bit.. I often find places in public to be seen naked, while walking or smoking, pretending to be on a phone call. I have found some really great spots that have little access but high visibility. I just do it as a high, a rush.
Secondly, I also really enjoy being bottom for a guy or guys.. I have used many avenues to find guys who are willing to have sex and usually unprotected, the fact that most of them do ejaculate inside me is the thrill there. I’ve had public bathroom sex with anonymous strangers, spent hours showing my ass at the bathhouse, most is 3 in one session, happened twice now. And I use dating apps to find others. My sexual appetite is insatiable and ever-growing. I am not sure what to do about it all.

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