• 9 months ago

For the longest time I’ve had a fixation and fetish on tickling beautiful topless women, especially with ripping their clothes off first and with emphasis on tickling breasts. I just love the thought of a woman’s top flying off almost instantly in a whirlwind and not being able to react quickly enough, and before her shirt and bra even land on the ground, I’m eagerly and excitedly tickling her sides, breasts, and underarms, and teasing her for losing her clothes.

Ultimately, there have been a lot of women I’ve fantasized about doing this with, but I just need to say this. Sahba, I’ve wanted to tickle you for a long time and you have no idea how much I delight in imagining you getting your shirt and bra ripped off and both getting tossed out the window, and your gorgeous topless upper body getting tickle without mercy EVERYWHERE, but especially your boobs. I wouldn’t even know when to stop, and it might be a while before you get to wear a shirt or bra again 😉

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