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i masturbate some days all days,today i woke up at 1pm and started to jack off then at 6 i got up had some food went back to bed and started to jack again i wanked off for 13hrs today i wake up and i start jacking off, i think about shagging my cousins and young girls sometimes i wouldn’t really do it but i get off on it so hard i shake. some days i spend all day on omegle just to find a girl any girl any age to watch me jack off or even join in and do naughty stuff for me. then i suffer with guilt and disgust with myself. im a good man i wouldn’t act on my fantasy’s but i think im addicted to sex i haven’t had sex in 4 years im 32 how sad is that.

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  • My binges used to last for hours, often days. Worst one was actually 9 days. Literally. I was either masturbating or sleeping from exhaustion. Barely ate and when i did it was delivery so that I did not even have to take time away from masturbating.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 3:52 am Reply

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