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so… this started as a quick scenario that i wanted to write because of someone post… but here we are 40 fucking min later and ive written a short story… fucking enjoy!

your sitting in a chair, you just finished disciplining the neighbors little girl for breaking a picture frame that had a picture of you and one of your parents. she is staying the night at a request of her mother who you have a small crush on, the little girl sits with her back to you her eyes red from crying her short cut blonde hair is a little messed up from the small tantrum she threw after you told her what she did was wrong.

you notice her lean a little and you watch as her small curvy body makes the fabric of her little overall dress move. you can pick out the edges of her shoulder blades through the gaps in the fabric and through the close fitting yellow shirt. you scan down her back and become excited from the way she shifts.

you catch her glance up at you and she looks away, her eyes less red than before but she is sporting the same pouty face she likes to wear. she knows your staring and that makes you more excited. she pushes a stray lock of hair behind her ear and cracks a smile. she likes the attention, she has a hard time controlling her smile but she starts to blush.

“do you like me” she asks her face a cherry red now. “because daddy looks at mommy like that and he likes her.” her words were a bit slurred you could tell she was nervous, it is hard to be rejected but as a child its harder to control that sting. you think about lying, it would be easy. you have done it before, not with this girl but with girlfriends and all the rest. but somehow it seemed cruel, to lie to this little girl who was blushing because you looked at her.

she started to doubt and was pulling away and you said “yes very much, your very pretty do you know that?” she started fiddling with her hands, her mouth was moving but she had no way to respond to such forward conformation. her face somehow turned a shade darker than it already was and she got to her feet.

“i… i like you too, your very nice to mamma, and you make good food, and you were nice enough to watch me even though i break things, and…”

“its alright, stuff breaks all the time, and how could i refuse to look after such a cute little girl?” you smiled the warmest most sincere you could conjure and opened your arms. she took a step towards you and opened hers as well and you pulled her into you, her warm little body pressed into you, her cheek pressing into your chest. her hair smelled of strawberries and her skin was soft and squishy.

after a moment she looked up at you and you look at her, her eyes still a shallow pink from the pouting she had done a moment ago. her nose was cute and small on her head, her lips were moist and her mouth was parted just a little bit. you lean down and press your lips into hers, she moves into you more and you hug her tighter and begin to make out. she had a sloppy inexperienced way of kissing, her hands diddnt move and she closed her eyes.

you were making out an 9 year old, she was inexperienced in most things so you decide to take the lead. you take her hands from around your waist, her hands diddnt even touch on your back. and you start to unfasten the clips keeping her overalls in place, it was a simple catch and was simple to do. her dress falls to the floor and you see with her tight yellow shirt she is wearing pink panties with strawberries on the, cute you think while kissing her some more. you diddnt want to make her afraid or uncomfortable you you go slow, touching her chest back and arms lightly to get her used to the sensation. after a while of this and more kissing you pick her up and lay her down on the couch beside you and start putting your hands under her shirt. her skin is smooth. you put her hands above her head and pull her shirt off and she shyly puts her hands over her chest and you smile to reassure her. you put your hand on hers and after moving her hand you begin rubbing on her exposed nipple, she moans lightly and closes her eyes, she is enjoying herself so you decide to move down.

her panties have developed a little wet spot and you pull them down and off, her slim body is fully exposed and you see as her hand moves to her pussy, the rubs it instinctively and you start to help her. her little pussy is nothing more than a straight line so you spread it open and start to lick her. she reacts almost instantly to your touch and her back arcs a little. her legs come up around your head and you continue. she is moaning louder now and spasms for a second and goes a little limp panting and breathing heavily.

her first orgasm was one of the cutest things, her hand grabbing tight around one of yours and the other on a blanket layed out on the couch. surly she would be more ready for full sex now that she has had an orgasm. you pull out your cock and she hardly notices it her mind still scattered from the nuclear bomb of chemicals and endorphins now flooded into her brain.

you position her a little better with legs in the air over the side of the couch and press the tip of your cock to the opening of her vagina, its warm and wet and more smooth and soft than you could have thought possible. you pushed a little and the tip started to move in. a look of pain was immediately on her face, your cock was not small even for the average man of your age so you needed to be careful. you keep a constant pressure and little by little your cock is enveloped into her little pussy. her stomach right above was raised more than it was before and she looked to be calming down. she was breathing heavy her hands holding the edges of your shirt and her legs went up to wrap around your sides, your whole dick wasn’t inside, it just couldn’t fit.

you pulled back out about half way and moved back into her, her mouth openend, all of the most sensitive parts of her were being stimulated by the oversized cock and she couldnt tell you what the sensation was. you continue thrusting the moans started again one little gasp with every thrust. a small amount of blood was there you could see but she was already over the pain. she pulled you down and wrapped her hands around your neck her hands just meeting on the other side.

“i love you” she said through moans while you kept pounding into her little pussy. the sound of her words made your heart rate go up and you came. you stood still the cum shooting out into her, you pulled out your cock and a steady stream poured out of her and within moments she was asleep. her face red and her body sweaty and twitching. you run and get a warm rag and wipe her down and clean up the cum from her legs and pussy, its noticeably more red than it was before. you put her little strawberry panties yellow tight fitting shirt and overall dress back onto her, she stays asleep through the whole thing.

you pick her up and hold her for a second and she turns into you smiling. her face still pink. you carry her to the bed in the gest bedroom and lay her down but she holds onto your shirt and puts an arm around your head.

“can i sleep with you tonight?” the puppy dog look, how could you refuse her after she used such a thing. so you smile and carry her to your bed and lay her down and snuggle in next to her. she puts her arms around your arm and lays her head on your shoulder.

“i love you.” she whispers again.

“i love you to.” you whisper back and you turn off the lamp beside your bed and close your eyes and go to sleep.

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  • god damnit, why did you do this i read the whole thing. not well written and in the wrong point of view to get the reader in the place of the character. lots of redundant words but i like how it played out :3

    Anonymous January 11, 2019 9:21 am Reply
  • A nine year old? I’m glad this is a fantasy.

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 1:01 am Reply

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