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I am a former dancer who had to stop dancing as I started going to university. Now, however,even if I wanted to start with dancing again, I could not do so. Since then, I have lost about 10 kg, including all my muscles, and I am on the edge of malnutrition (166/47.8). My body has become too weak and fragile to endure hard physical workout, and I whenever I go anywhere, I always walk very carefully as I am afraid that if I fall down, I will break something. My knees feel loose all the time. I can dance no longer. Still… whenever I listen to any song, I think up random choreographies spontaneously as the music flows, and in my mind, I am still a dancer.

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  • I don’t know the cause of your weight loss but usually people can gain weight back. It’ll be super hard to get back but some really great atheletes survived extreme anorexa and came back so I’m sure you could come back from weight loss.
    If not, because you can some kind of condition, maybe animating dances would fill the void?

    Anonymous January 7, 2019 6:36 pm Reply

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