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So I realised I’m a dirty horny little fucker and here’s why.
I was with my partner 6 years and since the beginning I always found her mum attractive aswell.we always got on really well and I think she had a little thing for me because every time I went round she’d be dead touchy will me always wanting to sit on my lap or cuddle beside me.one day I went to pick up a parcel from my mother in laws house and as I walked in is where I saw something that made my day.i went in and called my mother in laws name and there was no response and as I went into the sitting room I noticed she was asleep on the couch.she was wearing a nice little pink night gown and the way she was lying I could clearly see she had no knickers on.she was lying there on her back with her legs open enough that I could see her while pussy and instantly I felt my cock twitch.i could see her perfect little pussy lips and spotted her lovely looking clit.she was well shaven and I couldn’t believe how perfect her pussy was a lot better than I ever pictured when I thought about her before.i felt my cock go from semi hard to rock solid as I stood there staring at her cunt.i though how good it would be to have half an hour with that and the things I would do to her.i couldn’t help but slip my hand down my trousers and stroke my cock while looking at what I had only ever imagined.i called her name to see if I could wake her but she was clearly in a deep sleep so I decided to take off my trousers and continue.i stood there half naked as she slept the whole time stroking my dick and staring at her snatch wishing I could just slip it into her.after a few mins I couldn’t help myself so I slowly got on my knees beside her and put my head between her legs.i was desperate to smell her mature scent so I softly placed my nose between her lips and took a deep breath while still having a wank.i was in heaven but as she still didn’t wake that was not enough so decided to slowly slip my tongue out and run it up her pussy to her clit to taste this pussy.the lovely mature moist smell and distinct taste got me hornier than I’d ever been.as I stood up still wanking I noticed something that gave me the shock of my life.there was me coming back up naked from running my tongue over her snatch to see her lying there with her eyes open and a smile on her face.i quickly apologised and with a smile she says it’s a bit late for that but did you enjoy that?
Yes I replied.
She then said that I had a lovely looking cock and that she had been watching me wank as I tongued her pussy and that turned her on so much.
She then asked if this was the first time I’d ever done anything like this to her.
I told her yes and then without thinking proceeded to tell her that when she’s not at home I come in and lay on her bed masturbating while sniffing her dirty knickers which seemed to turn her on even more.
She then sat up and without saying a word looked at me with a smile and wrapped her lovely lips around the tip of my cock and teased my bellend with her tongue.she then forced my entire shaft down her throat and sucked me until I shot a load into her mouth where she swallowed every drop.she then looked up and said
“Would you like to fuck me like I’m a dirty little slut,I’ve imagined what your cock would be like and so far I’m not disappointed”
At this moment I spread her legs wide and got in between them as she guided my cock into her already soaking pussy.
I fucked her senseless on the couch that day until she was screaming and begging me to come in her pussy.i felt myself swell up and told her I was about to cum and she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me further into her as I blew my load right inside her.i got off her and she mopped up the cum from the end of my dick.since then we fuck regularly and she loves riding me as she watches me sniff her knickers.i know it’s wrong but I can’t bring myself to stop filling her with warm spunk every chance I get.

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