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f, 38. I’d like to see my pussy spread wide open on an 8ft poster in public and be standing there while people walk by it and point at it, say things to each other, or take pictures of it. Seriously, I read an article that described how as part of an art exhibition, under the “guise” of being art and an anti-rape message and so on, they actually made 8ft posters around campus of women’s vulva, just regular women who volunteered not models or anything, and some sort of “I am woman” message or something like that! If I were back in college and they were looking for volunteers, I’d do it! For the record, I was a virgin in college and remained so until marriage (not an immoral slut like “everyone” else! haha) but doesn’t stop me from secretly wanting to show my pussy off! Just never had an opportunity like that! Nobody would ever know.


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  • Wouldn’t mind seeing it myself. That would be interesting

    Anonymous October 14, 2018 9:57 am Reply

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