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i have a boyfriend but day dream about his brother falling in love with me. i wish everyday that he would ask for my number and i gladly give it to him. we end up texting every day and little by little he realizes that i am his one and only. he wants to take me out on dates but makes them seem like we are just hanging out as friends. im still with his brother. he wont confess his true feelings for me because of that. slowly my feeling for him start to burn out until out of no where he kisses me and tells me he loves me. i get confused, sad, and angry at him because ive been waiting for this ever since i met him thinking i made a wrong choice in choosing my boyfriend. i stay away for a while my boyfriend asking why and his brother filled with anger because i wont leave his brother for him saying good stay away. finally after a good month of me staying away i go back to his house to visit my boyfriend when his brother stops me and tells me he still has feeling for me. he does not know i am there to break up with my boyfriend. my boyfriend sees us and asks what is going on i tell him his brother is just apologizing for the way he has been treating me.i head to my boyfriends room and break up with him. as i leave i tell his brother that i love him as well. we end up having kids and getting married. living happy lives, when i hear “hey, earth to my girlfriend, hello, earth to my girlfriend.” as i see my boyfriends brother with his girlfriend. my heart breaks a little as i continue to convince myself that i love my boyfriend…

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  • Imagine both brothers fucking you

    Anonymous July 17, 2018 5:21 am Reply

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