• 2 months ago

I often dream of doing terrible things to my abusers. No one would notice they’re gone. Really the only thing that would get me into trouble is the fact that they always have their cell phones on them. One ping off a cell tower would be all it would take for me to go to jail, but it would be worth it.

I know they would react if I were to tie them up somewhere and tear the nails from their fingers. How’d they react to me pulling teeth from their mouths with pliers. How they’d react to me breaking each of their fingers individually. They’d deserve every second of it for what they did to my little sister and I, but they’d cry and scream about how I’m a monster for doing something like that and they didn’t deserve it. It’d only make me more angry because they’d refuse to believe that they did anything wrong to begin with. They’re so stupid and self centered that they never realized that what they did to us was so inhumane and beyond fucked up. What I want to do to them wouldn’t do justice for all the fucked up stuff that they did to us. They deserve to suffer longer, slowly, and terribly. Unfortunately, knowing the limit on how much the human body can take and how after a little while that the brain shuts off due to trauma and begins to block memories, it just wouldn’t be satisfying enough.

I want them to know how I felt. How much my little sister suffered. I want them to pay with their blood and with the same feeling both us felt. Pure terror. Emotional and physical trauma that will leave them fucked up and reminded of what I did to them every time they look in the mirror. If they were to survive it, of course. It’s what they deserve. Any sick fuck like them deserves to be strung up and skinned alive.

I’m too smart to stoop to that level and do it though. Maybe 20 years down the line, when I have nothing left and I’m ready to be locked up for the few years I have left. It would be more satisfying that way as well. They already have children through abusing their current spouses. It would be so satisfying to throw back in their face that they’re going to loose everything for being terrible people.

Maybe. Maybe not. For legal reasons, this entire confession isn’t serious. <3