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there used to be a scary and super sleazy adult video store in North Miami called Primetime. There were three main corridors of video booths(no doors, and the last one was pitch black except for the video screens and buttons, but every time it rained the end of the corridor would flood. to the side were two separate rooms that led into each other, the first pitch black and the next with a large projector screen surrounded by worn out couches. These two rooms were my residences. I’d strip in the first room lube up my backsnatch while hooking up a gas mask with poppers attached, and every time a guy wandered in I’d smack my lips and ass and try to reel in some of that juicy BBC. of course everyone wasn’t a top, and some wanted to see the goods first, but it was there my sissyhole first got gangbanged, and I knew what a cock whore I could be.

every so often I’d move to the theater room with couches, and lay bare nude with my mouth agape to be throat fucked and creamed, while my Mancunt was available for all cummers to load up. after about a year and a half of my visits, I guess the structural problems and code violations added up, and they finally closed up.

I’ve been all around the world, my boipussy gaped for all the flavorfilled jizzle sticks, but I’ve never found a place as sleazy as I am that was Primetime.

This is Corvallus, and thank you for your support.

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