• 2 weeks ago

Narcissistic women are disgusting and repulsive. So are old women. And hairy women men. And men with typical inflexible ugly female hands and ugly rigid fingers. And women hung up on pussies or women who are pussies. And those women that delude themselves that they’re someone or something. And fat or obese women. And useless women. And stinky women. And women who are so fragile that they can even successfully kill themselves. And women with heavy mental diseases like schizophrenia and psychopathy or feminism. And women with big hands. And women that lie to themselves that they are ‘smart’ when they’re so dumb. And vulgar women that are so badly trying to pass as ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ when they couldn’t be farther from either. And female incels. And women that act like children. And women that can’t sexually please a man. And broke women. And sex crazed women. And women with big asses. And women that are dark red. And women that delude themselves that anyone owes them anything. And women that are wasting oxygen and food sources. Well, women to be Frankie. So is their lesionlike vomitinducing ugly genitals. The mutation that broke one of the arms of that X chromosome must have been a terribly hedious one. That ugly terrible mistake will be corrected sometime soon. I’m happy about that and will go ahead and support it. lol

I will definitely support it lol

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