• 8 months ago

So I’m high school student who’s never been kissed. After intense periods of loneliness, I sometimes dream of kissing a girl. I can see how I just lean in and she just accepts it and kisses back. The first time I dreamt of this, I followed an entire storyline of me falling for a girl, kissing her, and getting heartbroken. Then I woke up, heartbroken, with the intimacy of her lips still on mine. Hours later, I could think about the dream and still feel it. I had no clue who she was, but I felt that connection with someone that I hadn’t experienced before.
The latest one of these dreams happened last night. I remember holding her, laughing, and then leaning in and kissing her. I remember the feeling of her opening her mouth to let me in. I woke up happy.
It’s always puzzled me why I can feel these emotions yet I had never experienced them while awake. Of course I’ve longed to kiss a girl, ever since my first crush, but I shouldn’t know what it feels like. It’s not possible, right? I won’t really know until I kiss a girl, but I doubt that’ll ever happen.

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