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Does anyone here have precise foresight abilities? Any time travelers? Because I need your help. I need winning Eurojackpot lottery numbers (5+2) for 6’th of September 2019, 13’th of September 2019 and 20’th of September 2019.
If not Eurojackpot, US Powerball will do. In that case I’ll need winning numbers for 7’th of September 2019, 14’th of September 2019 and 21’st of September 2019.
I’ll just play one winning combination in either case.

I’m in really bad financial situation but I dream about opening a small company, employing few people and slowly establishing a good market position. I have the exact idea what I want but lack the money to push it trough. The problem is that I need at least 3 million € to begin with. We’ll share the winning money 50:50. Write in the comments below and follow this site. We’ll stay in touch.

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