• 8 months ago

Yes that lefty liberal’s post about Genghis Khan certainly made no sense. What the hell does Genghis Khan have to do with America, or with immigration?

Then he went on, in another confused post, to say that the immigrants were mostly lesbian women who bend over in a field or pluck chickens!

It is clear that criminal illegal invaders do far more than pluck chickens, – they also murder 19 helpless elderly Texans. I’ve read many articles about the DUI accidents they cause, the rapes, the beatings, the gang activity.

Do we really need MORE crime here? Do we really need to IMPORT crime?

Why can’t these people be screened for their background? Oh, I know, because that is what the immigration laws call for and that would be LEGAL immigration (not illegal immigration). LEGAL immigration is so r-a-y cist. You don’t want to be a racist do you.

So everyone should be allowed in, including the GANG MEMBERS, the DRUG CARTELS, the RAPISTS, the MURDERS and then it’s fair.

Lawlessness begets lawlessness. When immigrants seek to violate the law by entering our country illegally then why bother obeying any other of our laws. They don’t!

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