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Don’t try telling that shit to Muslims in Michigan which is loaded with no go zones. That’s places where the police fear to tread. Muslims have their own schools which of course teach Muslims standards, without regard to what country they are in.

Muslims teach their daughters to be submissive and I am not aware of any Western government agency that intrudes on the privacy of the home or the training therein.

Sharia law is alive and well in Western nations and some are moving to adopt it into their court system. The nations are prohibited from dictating anyone’s religion or religious beliefs. Thus the Western nations don’t have the impact on Muslims that you would like. Many reports from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, show that it is the other ay around.

Kids in the Western nations are smacked, spanked and punished everyday, including those who are not Muslim. Violence is all over Western countries.

Western standards are far from perfect, but Muslims are not interested in adopting those standards. Muslims openly proclaim that they are there to conquer a country, not assimilate into its values while giving up their own deeply held religious convictions.

You won’t break Muslim beliefs with a few Western laws. Michigan proves that. They live in closed compounds and no one talks to outsiders or police.

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