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I suppose my mistake was falling in love with my boss. I made a second mistake and let him get me pregnant. No he did not leave his wife. Yes it created a lot of problems with his wife. I have him during the day at work, but I have to accept that I don’t get to be with him except on chosen occasions, one day a week. I long for him, I am permanently hurting inside because he isn’t with me. Yes I cry a lot, I wish I could be his wife and live with him. I won’t say his wife is a bad wife, she isn’t but I can be a good wife too. And I have one child and she has one child, so it isn’t like she has a half a dozen or anything like that. I work and she works, I am 27 and she is 29. I love him and she loves him, when I do get my time with him I can feel how much he wants me. She says the same thing, and I believe her I know he loves her too.

I suggested, but it didn’t happen, that we have like joint custody, half a week each that way no one is left out and the whole family is better off. I am not crazy, which she accused me of. I’ve read up on it and a man can love two women at the same time. He loves two sons, why not two wives? And then no one gets their feelings hurt. We are already juggling our lives so the children are together as often as possible, why not us? Why shouldn’t we be together as often as possible? We don’t fight or argue any more, when we are together we get along and do things together and we don’t fight. We have to accept each other so why not just live together?

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  • Lady, you sound like someone from the year 1824 in China. Please respect yourself and let this man go.

    Anonymous June 20, 2019 7:26 am Reply
  • Dear, lady u need to accept that he used you.

    Anonymous June 20, 2019 9:47 am Reply

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