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Last night I had this dream in which I was attached to a chair and some people in front of me tried to erase things from my memory. It was classified in themes, there was a screen in front of me which showed a picture of the theme they were about to erase. I can only remember 2 of them. The first one was “cooking” because I replied “No need to erase that I’m already bad at cooking”. And the second one was the girl I love. When I saw her on the screen I started to panic. They were making fun of me for loving her and said horrible things about her in front of me. It made me upset but I was affraid they will erase her instantly if I try to reply. Instead I begged them to let her in my memory because without her I would be nothing. Tears started to flow as they laughed at me and continued to say awful things about her. I just couldn’t let them say more so I started to reply to them. They were about to erase her when I woke up. I took one of my pillows as if it was her and hugged it so tight, like I never did before, while I was still crying. It may seems stupid but…yeah…I was so affraid to lose her from my memory, she is really important for me.

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