• 12 months ago

I have a crush on a guy. He is a brilliant student. He plays guitar & sings so well. He is good at sports too. And he is very handsome. So he is quite famous. I don’t see why he would be interested on me. Well, people say I’m pretty & all. I’m more than average in studies, I have qualities like him as well. But I just think of him as someone really superior than me. And I suffer from inferiority complex while interacting him. Even though I don’t show it outside. I keep telling my friends that I’m not enough for him and they keep telling me that I’m exaggerating him. Is it really ? He is realllyy famous a lot of girls like him. And that makes me anxious.
Recently he showed interest in me, he keeps knocking me on social media, even tries to flirt with me sometimes. But I’m very paranoid. I feel like what if he does it with all other pretty girls & I’m just one of them. I’m getting sick of thinking that way.

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