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I’m happily married with kids. However there is a lady at work that is hot. blonde. nice big natural tits. I’m asian but always wonder what it would be like with a blonde with big tits. Unlike my wife. Last night i had a dream where i was away for work. For some reason we were at a motel. She then took out her massive tits and I couldn’t help but giving them a suck cause i’ve always wanted to. I had a massive hard on and my whipped my cock out. For a split second I thought I’m married and better stop this, but then she wrapped her mouth around my cock and it was amazing. She sucked on it twice and I could see her pussy was dripping ready for me to enter her. Instead I asked her to stop and said I cant and then woke up feeling guilty that I let things go so far. Even if it was a dream. 🙁

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