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So this is the second dream I’ve had about my crush this week. The first one ended in us cuddling up against eachother btw so here’s the second one (last night). I was at band camp and my crush and I are talking after a band practice. After I while I realize that we’re alone together so I decide to use this chance… I stop walking and I turn towards him. I step in close and put my arms around him and he puts his around my waist and kinda lifts me up so we’re holding eachother like that and then MY FUCKING BAND TEACHER BUSTS IN AT THAT MOMENT! He lectures us about how we suck at our instruments and we shouldn’t be doing this stuff and instead of dating we should be practicing lmao
So after that I run away and I feel weird asf but I go and start joking around with my friends until I feel someone’s arm around my waist and I turn to look and I see my crush! We sit down and get really close together and he gives me a rlly cute smile and says “Man, I wish he hadn’t interrupted us like that.” And he puts his hand on my shoulder and I’m like “Yeah me too” and I give this blushy smirk which kinda looks like ☺️ And then he smiles at me and I wake up 🙁

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  • I feel you, it sucks to be interrupted like that, it happens to me too, too irritating! just let us have sex for fuck sake! if we can’t have it in real life we should at least be able to have sex in our dreams!

    Anonymous March 24, 2019 2:03 am Reply

      Anonymous March 24, 2019 3:43 am Reply

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