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I’ve been watching Asian dramas recently and I want a boyfriend similar to boyfriends in drama.
The male leads in the drama being super rich is not what made me swoon. The guys were supportive, the strong silent type.

I wish I get a guy who talks less, listens more, someone who I can love for him, brilliant at what he does ( can rock his outfit with confidence not necessarily built but bloody_, has a hobby which is borderline super sexy (rock climbing, hiking, surfing, video gaming, or even traveling) pushes my limits (because I am an introvert who loves outdoors understands I take time to build a relationship) patient (I lock myself from others when things are overwhelming so he stays with me through rough patches to see the smooth sailing days) constantly challenges me to think beyond my comfort zone, do good (Not at the expense of safety but comfort can be sacrificed of the adults, not children), travel world with me (I am getting jealous of all the couples on youtube who are traveling), but appreciate me for all the quirks I have like knowing I am all bark and not bite (I yell before I think so don’t take things too seriously, understand I am a rock for the other person when they need me, and I am terrified the person I will meet will break my heart )
I will always look after the people I love and be there for them when they need me so he must understand that (Also hold me while I break apart because I will act tough but know I am sensitive soul).

I want to love a person to the moon and back but anyone who talks to me is not making a connection with me. I keep doubting myself if I am a bore or a dreamer with impossible expectations. I hope that everyone who is out there looking for true love in whichever way e.g. partner, aim, love, kids find it.

There is so much sadness in the world that I don’t want it to dim the happiness which we can grab for ourselves.

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