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Sooo last night I had a dream about my crush and this other girl who’s bi and thinks I’m cute (I’m a bi female btw). We’re joking around in band and the guy I like (I’ll call him alto) randomly ruffles the other girl’s hair and is like “She’s mine!” and I’m like “No, she’s mine!” and it’s all a joke but later alto and I are going to some highschool play (we’re in middle school btw) and we sat in our seats (next to eachother) but we were both on our phones and we weren’t talking to eachother and then later he moves one seat down so there’s a seat space in between us 🙁 but then he finally notices me and pats the empty seat next to him and gestures for me to come sit with him so and I sit in the empty seat 🙂 Then the play starts and we start making jokes and stuff and for some reason our faces are really close together and I put my head on his shoulder and kinda cuddle up against him (!!!). AND THEN HE DEADASS PUTS HIS ARM OVER ME AND STARTS TO STROKE MY HAIR AND MOVES IN CLOSER AND WE LOOKED LIKE A LEGIT COUPLE THEN
but then I woke up sad cause he’s in New Orleans for a stupid band trip and I won’t see him until Friday but idk if he’s coming on Friday either cause he gets back on Thursday
either way I hope he’s having an amazing time and I luv that bitch 🙂

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