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The day after my ex broke up with me, I had a dream that I and all the rest of my friends were on this ship and it was getting too close to the gravity of Jupiter. Water started to come out of nowhere and flood over the barriers where we were standing. My ex was sitting on top of a huge block and while everyone was panicking he was calm. I looked up at him and my focus turned soft. Everything became really slow and the water stopped flooding. Everything goes black and the lights cut off. I try and scream and I feel my lips move, but I can’t say and or hear anything. I eventually say “Why isn’t anyone panicking anymore, the lights are off, the ship is flooding, what else can go wrong?” My ex looks down at me and says “Its because they love you” as the wave breaks both barriers and pulls me under.
Thank god my dad woke me up when he did
who were they
why was he there
I had moved on by then

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