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Once i had a dream where i was at the pool with my friends ( let’s call them : N,T and A ). Everything looked like the 90’s and i could hear ” The Backstreet Boys ” singing somewhere . We were hanging by the pool with our feet in the water , then my dream shifted to a blond toddler swimming and somehow injured a black man making him bleed into the pool , the black man slowly walked to the life guard and told him:
” You need to get everyone out of the pool ”
” Why ? ” the life guard repiled .
” I’m bleeding . I have AIDS ”
The lifeguard then screamed everyone to get out of the pool , everybody panicked and ran all over the lace to get out of the pool . Me and my friends pulled our legs up , got a towel and ran…somewhere . Also someone put up a sign called ” POOL’S CLOSED “(remember HABBO hotel ?)
Everthing went black for a moment…
Then I saw myself wear a green hoodie and leggins with black shoes sitting on a student’s desk while talking to T and A , N was missing . We were in our classroom at school but T was still wearing her swimming outfit with a towel on her shoulder , A’s hair was wet too . I pulled out my sketchbook to draw but before i could do anything a strange black-haired girl with fish tail plaids , wearing big round glasses , a japanese student uniform holding a book in her hands ran into the room , she yelled :
Confused , we stood up and i put my sketch book on the desk carefully ( even in my dreams i still care about my sketch book ) . We took a look outside where human-sized robots were marching in lines through the scienece-fiction looking corridor comming for us . The strange girl then grabbed my hands while i grabbed the others , pulling us into a line of robots .
” Stay quiet and pretend , they won’t know ” She whispered
After a while we reached a room with the door open . Me and A got in ( T went missing ) , It was some kind of cafeterria with metalic tables and chairs , on each table was four bowls with kinds of mixtures in them , On the left was two girls sitting and eating … something and mumbling to eachother while looking at us .
” Take a seat ” The strange girl said
We took a seat next to her and asked what was in the bowls .
” If you want to eat something mix the mixtures in the bowl , the food will appear . The blue one is spagghetti , pink one is cupcake , the purple is soup…” She answered.
A took the pink one and started mixing , then a cupcake appear . A started eating while asking the strange girl questions . I simply sat there and stared at the table as the two other strange girls talked .
” Aren’t you going to pick one ? ” The two strange girls asked
I hesitated between the blue one and pink one , i looked at A and randomly picked one , it was pink , i started mixing .
” Pink . They always choose PINK ” The two strange girls said pityfully .

Everything went black and I woke up . Can someone explain this for me ?

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  • Explanation: You are an absolute legend.

    Anonymous December 29, 2018 2:25 pm Reply

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