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Ok, I had a weird ass dream. (Its kind of a long one)

It started when I was with a good friend of mine and his family. We were at some kind of amusement park, like a Six Flags or something, except everything was made out of coral. Imagine the Ferris wheel and roller coasters being completely made out of brown and green coral. It was all hard though (I am not sure whether that is how coral is meant to be). His family and I went around the park, but as I was walking I was launched by a jump pad, similar to the ones from Fortnite, except I had no parachute. As I was flying it did not feel like I was in water, but it just felt like normal air. After about one second in the air I landed in an alleyway behind the all of the rides and carnival games. I did not smell anything in the dream, but I remember the air was thick and damp, kind of like a humid day, but cold. In the alleyway it was not any darker than it was in the main part of the amusement park, until I got further down the cement path. On either side of me was the coral, but it was patchier with pieces of metal showing through from the backs of the carnival games. At the end of the path was a garage door, which I opened fairly easily and inside was a wide area with tropical plants and trees. At the end of the opening on the other side was a statue of a lion head. The lion head was like the head of one of those Chinese lion statues. The mouth of the lion was open as wide as a typical garage door, and leading up to the mouth of the lion was a clearing. I went through this clearing and through the mouth to find myself in another alleyway, similar to the alleyway from earlier. I went down this alleyway again to find another garage door, except this one was to the right of me. I opened this garage door to find two old Mustang cars, with a guy standing in front of them. The guy was about my age, with one earring and he was wearing a muscle skirt. He had his hair shaved on either side, and lots of hair on top that was combed up and off to the side. Overall he kind of looked like a fuckboy douche. I decided to beat him up with my dream super strength, and I threw him out of the garage into the alleyway. After I beat him up two beautiful Asian ladies with huge boobs came out of the mustangs (weird, I know, but this is anonymous) and I had sex with them. It was pretty great. After that I woke up, and here I am two days later writing this.

Thanks for reading my dream.

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  • That’s funny tbvh

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