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At times I see how people are…and I gotta say…the reason why I the way I am is because I got real life wake up calls…from almost dying due to alcohok poisoning,MIB bullshit, some incognito agents, etc etc etc…it just turned me into the way i am..not settlimg for mediocrity nor settlimg to be average.There are people that need that kinda experience instead of this baby sitting theraputic bullshit I see on tv such as intervention..there should be an intervention reality stunt show where they kidnap the addict/person with serious issues…put the addict/ person with serious issues in some scripted “life and death scenario”…kinda like “scare tactics.” where they end up hanging from their ankle being dangled off a cliff…or end up in some warehouse with some mafiosos/gang mebers who shoot their friend/ family member (fake and scripted) etc etc…where they make it look legit…in hopes it would totally change the addict/person with issues perspective and make them want to wake up and get help. the addict/person with serious psychological issues get the real reality check they NEED in order to wake up. Especially exploiting their poor decision making skills… Like seriously it would get them to wake the fuck up and quit toying with their own life…because truth is a person who treats themselves a certain way will reflect that upon others and that is not a good thing with someone that is hurting themselves while they have people who care about them.

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