My step dad stares at my panties. He watches me along time. He doesn’t know that I notice.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you Trevor and thank you Joe and all the other guys that encouraged me. I’m going to do it again today but I think it will end different than yesterday.


  2. Anonymous

    Call child protective services. He is a predator. Also, hey guys who think they commented anonymously, it’s pretty easy to track who you are. You’re all a bunch of sexual perverts.


  3. Anonymous

    That is absolutely not ok. Ever. You need to call the police now before anything else happens. Its not worth it. Don’t mess up your life right now.


  4. Anonymous

    You’re 3 years too late. An I wouldn’t have listened to such bad advice. Why would I want him arrested. He has given me the best 3 years of my life and hopefully many more. He was my 1st and will be my always.


  5. Anonymous

    Well let me tell you a little well known fact about married men. Most married men who cheat don’t ever plan on leaving the one they married. So be happen with what you got because it’ll probably never become more. Oh and try not to get pregnant, he’ll have you abort it. Might ruin you for life but oh well. This is the life you wanted.


  6. Anonymous

    I am so freaking sorry for these horrible comments, I hope you turn off notifications and move on. If your stepdad makes any sort of advances towards you, get the hell out of there and call child protective services. Stay strong, and ignore these assholes!! <3


  7. Anonymous

    You should have sex with your stepdad he’s clearly making passes at you. you should feel flattered that he wants to fuck you. he’s not your biological dad so you have every right to have sex with him.


  8. Anonymous

    I am so sick of these sick bastards here telling this young lady to have sex with her stepfather. Because first of all you don’t know if this girl is a teenager or Miner right? Because what is she is some teenage girl? And you guys are all coming off like you’re pedophilic fucking weirdos over here who obviously masturbating off to child pornography. You suck Fucks need to get a life.


  9. Anonymous

    Young lady are you a teenager or a minor? Or are you an adult woman? Cuz I would have set the record straight whether or not these creeps on are being genuine pedophilic bastards?


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