I want Jack soooooo much.
I want him to smile at me.
I want him to care for me.
I want him to touch me.
I want him to do things to me.
It’s funny how he probably doesn’t realise that there’s someone out there who feels like this.

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  1. Anonymous

    How often do you see him?
    Do something to attract him, maybe dress very sexy.
    Maybe touch him. He may want the same things that you want.


  2. Anonymous

    We go to different schools, we don’t talk, only that once on fb where i said he was cute and then I panicked and said I was hacked by my friend. I like everything about him, I’ve only seen him twice in nearly two years! Uggh! What should I do?


  3. Anonymous

    Make contact somehow. Send him a msg on fb. Tell him your phone number and say call me sometime. Or whatever.
    Are you cuter or sexier than his gf?


  4. Anonymous

    My friends say I’m way cuter than his gf but he’s a real gentleman I’m just too afraid IDK but if I do give him my number… what if he doesn’t accept… what if he does accept my number. I’m freaking out here.


  5. Anonymous

    What kind of relationship does he have with his gf?
    Maybe he’s looking for more or someone different or cuter or better.

    If he doesn’t respond now just give it time
    Just plant little seeds and give them time to grow.

    But if you’re cuter I’ll bet you’ll have no trouble.
    I love cute! (And big boobs)


  6. Anonymous

    Haha yes! I’ve liked him before he met his current gf. I don’t really know their relationship but I’m sure she likes him a lot. Ps I probably have bigger boobs than her lol 😛 XD


  7. Anonymous

    Did you friend him on fb?
    Put a photo out there that he can’t resist looking at? Among other things haha.
    But cuter and bigger boobs. How can you lose?? Lol
    How old is he? And you?


  8. Anonymous

    Just give him reasons to like you. Relax, be a normal fun person and give it time.
    If you know where he likes to go or hangout. Maybe you’ll run into him there.
    If you do, touch him somehow! Like maybe put you hand on his shoulder.
    Good luck!


  9. Anonymous

    Thanks! OMG this advice really helps a lot!!!!! 🙂 I never knew this sort of stuff. I need better friends who care enough 🙂


  10. Anonymous

    I have regrets that I didn’t pursue a relationship with this girl that I met. She almost begged me to have sex with her but my life was a little complicated at the time and she would have added to it. Just bad timing I guess.

    Anyway. Once you get out of school you’ll have new/different priorities. Just just rush it and enjoy where you are know. It’ll be behind you soon enough and you’ll meet new guys that’ll be better in many ways. You’ll look back to these days with different eyes.

    Figure out what you want out of life and go for it. Just don’t make any mistakes that you’ll have to life with the rest of your life.

    I’ve made my share that’s for and I hate them. But I was young and stupid. Lol


  11. Anonymous

    Oh ok. Yeah you are right I’ve been telling myself that I’ll meet new guys.. new people and I can’t wait. I’m a bit confused whether I should ‘live life with no regrets’ or just wait, like you said. PS I AM YOUNG AND STUPID hahaha 😛


  12. Anonymous

    You can go out and have fun and still have no regrets but do it in a smart way.
    Nothing that you’ll have to live with.
    My niece couldn’t wait to get tattoos. But now she’s older and she hates them. At least she didn’t get pregnant. I was sure she was going to. She started fucking really young and wasn’t on the pill.


  13. Anonymous

    You’ll learn quickly. No need to hurry though. It’ll just happen. I heard recently that 7 out of 10 pregnancies are unplanned. That’s scary when we have so many ways to prevent it.


  14. Anonymous

    hahaha omg i think i’ll take it slow aye? Yeah I’ll start off with a ‘Hi’.
    For my answer (24.) I meant i didn’t know how to speak to him not how to do him. lol


  15. Anonymous

    hahahaha noooooooo I think that would only work If he knew me first. I can’t just jump him. But what if his gf and him are having sex? 🙁 🙁 What if he loves her… What if she’s pregnant? oh gosh 🙁


  16. Anonymous

    He’s 16 (turned this year up a grade) she’s 17 . they’ve been together for probably 8 months but I’ve liked him before that… But I hopefully don’t think he’ll do those sorts of things IDK? What if? SHIT


  17. Anonymous

    How can you “like everything about him” if you’ve only seen him twice? How can you possibly know anything about his personality? Are you going after him just because he’s cute, and because of what you’ve seen on facebook? Facebook is not a good indicator of someone’s personality. Most people won’t share the negative about themselves. They use fb to make themselves look awesome.

    Also, If he’s already dating someone then it’s unfortunate, but you missed out. Just wait until his current relationship ends before you make a move. If you start trying to break him and his current gf up that makes you look desperate and bitchy.

    But whatever, I guess I’m just an experienced adult trying to talk to hormonal teenagers. Do whatever you want, just be prepared to face the consequences.


  18. Anonymous

    But if I do that… Girls at my school will be considered you as a slut (my friends have dated lots of guys and I’m cool with it) But other girls are really judgmental. I really do want to have fun though..


  19. Anonymous

    (35.) Ok yes you are right tbh I was getting excited because I was planning on talking to him because of all of this advice. Yes, I know I’ve actually seen him enough to like him, and yes more than two times lol. I’ll actually take your advice into serious consideration… I’m not a slut who steals boyfriends 🙂


  20. Anonymous

    You don’t have to be a slut to steal a bf and it’s ok to steal him anyway. Much worse to steal a husband by being a slut.


  21. Anonymous

    Oh yeah that’s true(38)
    Just to clarify I’ve seen him on and off for the past year and a half, the two times I think he actually noticed me. I’ve heard cool stories about him from mine and his friends and even some of my teachers. The first time I saw him we were practising drama for a production so the whole group (20) spent several weeks with long hours together. That “one time” was when we talked in the bus on the way to the show where we performed. Those past couple of weeks consisted of me majorly crushing on him. The other time was at a school event. So yes, I know him well enough to like him a lot.


  22. Anonymous

    Experienced adult here again. Just try being friends with him first. Don’t throw yourself at him and don’t get too upset if he doesn’t want to leave his gf. It’s all teenage hormones and puppy love… not worth all the drama, trust me.


  23. Anonymous

    40. You are so right and I respect your input and I will do exactly that. I mean I like him so much because he’s really cool and nice, it would be awesome to have a friend like that. I know puppy love lol and yes I won’t get upset if he doesn’t want to leave his gf. I’ll wait before I approach him ‘like that do you wanna go out’ and by then hopefully we would’ve become really good friends. 🙂


  24. Anonymous

    Try to send him a message, a simple “Hi” and slowly move on from there
    If you’re friends on Facebook or something, then post a picture he can’t ignore XD and keep getting closer to him I guess…


  25. Anonymous

    Chuck thoughts and possibilities out the window and tell him straight up how you feel. No sense in keeping it bottled up. Come out and say it and feel freeeeee!


  26. Anonymous

    I watch WAY too much YouTube… I thought you were talking about Jacksepticeye. I was thinking, “Oh lord, not another fangirl…”


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