i just finished giving my first “oral stimulation” to another man(im a guy)

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  1. Anonymous

    Did you take it all the way and swallow? I was very suprised how much I liked it after he came in my mouth . The feeling of him tensing up then groaning and releasing is such a turn on to me.


  2. Anonymous

    I would love to blow a guy, maybe just once. But I’m not gay and don’t want a relationship. How do you find a guy who will let you do this? Maybe hire one of the “chicks with dicks” off backpage? How did you find yours?

    I also like sticking things (fingers, dildoes, etc.) up my ass. Would a guy who lets you suck him off also agree to ass fuck you. If he knew you weren’t gay and just wanted to see what it felt like. No commitment or anything.


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