I don’t think it is possible for a man to love his children. I hear them say it and think it’s a lie. They didn’t grow the child in their body. They didn’t change chemically creating and nourishing the child. Maybe they could love someone but they have no connection to their children so they just can’t love their child the way a mother can. I want to believe they are capible of loving their children but I don’t. Anytime I see a father with his children I want to hit him and call him a lier.

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  1. Anonymous

    First of all, it’s liar. Secondly, you’re dead wrong and I wouldn’t mind hitting you, too. You’re just spewing shit because you’re pissed at men for some reason and this is what you do with that anger. So have it back you fucking bitch. By the way, without men, it’s pretty hard for a woman to get pregnant.


  2. Anonymous

    Someone has daddy issues. Did you know? A man can experience symptoms of pregnancy just like the mother? Fact! Men have been known to put on unusual weight, get sore ankles, even lactate as their breasts slightly inflate, just as the pregnant mother does. While this doesn’t happen to all men, it’s believed to be part of the love bond between partners. And just because I say that doesn’t mean that if the man is not feeling something during the pregnancy then he doesn’t love the woman. So don’t get confused!

    Men have a different way of showing love than woman. Also just because the man is not harboring the baby does not mean he is incapable of having a bond with said child. That child IS a part of HIM, as well as HER. Literally that thing is them. There is an instant bond through all three weather you like it/realize it or not.


  3. Anonymous

    Maybe a father cannot love their children the way a mother does because he is not a mother! He is a FATHER therefore he will love their kids on his own way… And yes! I believe it is possible for a father to love his children even more than her mother. And also, how do you know a man cant love his children if you are not a man? And calling them liars… I think you are being too extreme.


  4. Anonymous

    To whoever wrote the first comment: your answer was as rude and wrong as the question. You did not get it any better. Keep your insults for yourself and don’t try to fix something wrong with something worse.


  5. Anonymous

    There’s mothers that kill their babies. There’s mothers that have children and give them away. There’s mothers that don’t adapt well to being a mother, so the father has to take custody. There’s men that die saving their children from harm. This is just a completely ridiculous post by a ridiculous person, I don’t even see why it’s being argued.


  6. Anonymous

    Actually, men aren’t needed for women to have children at all anymore. All it takes is two females an egg and some bone marrow. The child can only be a female of course because there are only X’s to give but yeah, men aren’t needed to have kids. If women so choose to we could wipe out the entire existence of the male gender. Just saying.


  7. Anonymous

    Hey number 7, considering men are stronger than women, think of how well that’d go over. Also, women could still have a male child. I guess you’d have to kill all the male babies, but yeah I don’t see women taking shit over anytime soon. I think you’re just a pissed diluted feminist.


  8. Anonymous

    Number 8, the odds of that happening are pretty low, so women, being so dumb, would actually wipe themselves out once they ran out of sperm. Unless they used cow sperm or horse sperm or something and made some new ugly species.


  9. Anonymous

    I can actually see why you might think this. :/ I’m the daughter of a single mom, because my dad was a deadbeat. He cheated on my mom a countless number of times and never took good care of us as kids. I was often convinced that he never really loved me. As he only spent time with us for the more enjoyable parts of parenthood, he was basically just a lying, back-stabbing, fake friend. Well, they got divorced and then he died in a plane crash. But I remember that my twin and I asked for Benjamins ($100 bills) for our birthdays. (it wasn’t for the money, it was memorabilia. We weren’t rich snobs.) When they found him in the plane crash, they said he died instantly. But he had two Benjamins in his pockets. Our birthday came the next day. (This NOT a made up sad story) I think that story speaks for itself.


  10. Anonymous

    Clearly, you don’t understand genetics. Maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough. See, a female is injected with a foot long needle into their thigh bone. Their bone marrow is extracted and the DNA extracted from said bone marrow. Since females are only carriers of X’s it is impossible for the other females egg when fertilized with the DNA to ever be male. The mother doesn’t carry a Y and neither does the other mother.
    I don’t see what your strength has to do with this and I think we would do a fine job of taking things over. You didn’t even know females have only X chromosomes nor that men have X and Y chromosomes. So, you can have your strength all you want but it doesn’t mean anything in the growing world where intelligence is what makes it.


  11. Anonymous

    Just the fact that men have no greater comebacks than to say women belong in a kitchen and aren’t strong, proves this women’s point completely. Would you raise your daughter telling her she is worthless?


  12. Anonymous

    Hey number 16… I’d bet you my life savings that it was a male that figured out how to do that. Plus, you might as well get used to the fact that you’re just jaded because some guy had his way with you or not at all, and men aren’t going anywhere.


  13. Anonymous

    I’d raise my daughter to be strong-minded and intelligent, unlike you- saying we need to wipe out an entire gender. I’d love the shit out of a daughter and make her strong. That’s something a woman cannot do. I should know.


  14. Anonymous

    If you aren’t going anywhere than I suggest you so called, ” man up” and get your shit together. Insulting me isn’t showing anything but how primitive you are.


  15. Anonymous

    Number 13 you’re an idiot! Humans cannot reproduce with sperm from another animal just by the snap of the fingers. Seriously, study up on biology, ignoramus! We can’t just breed with another animal and “, oh, what do you know!? A new freaking species!” If it was that easy we wouldn’t be paying genetic engineers $80 grand per year to modify the genes of tiny, microscopic organisms. Please, sit down in 8th grade science class and raise your hand before you throw out unfounded notions; leave the grown up decisions to your teachers, the women.


  16. Anonymous

    I’m not mad at all; I’m just very disappointed that you guys don’t see the bigger picture of the error in your ways, your thinking. Just remember that every girl is someone’s daughter and that is very poor thinking to say, just because I was born I shouldn’t be respected. That is the very definition of sexism. I was born a female so I shouldn’t get respect. I pity you, I really do. I hope you guys grow up one day.


  17. Anonymous

    I didn’t say any woman didn’t deserve respect. You don’t make a great case for your gender. By the way- my “comebacks” were ridiculous due to your outlandish statements. You know what, I’m done. Just go be fucking stupid and pissed at men I don’t give a fuck. You’ll never grow up sounds like. Hate on.


  18. Anonymous

    Seriously though I wouldn’t mind punching you in your fucking face. After you hit me of course because “you’re the woman.”


    You all wonder why everyone’s so pissed is because people like you exist with internet access to spread your nonsense. No wonder you’re alone and upset and posting shit like this toward men. You’re a bitch and a stupid one at that.


  19. Anonymous

    I didn’t insult men once, though you all have insulted me numerous times. I am not upset but you all are clearly offended and feel threatened that I said females could get along fine without you. I wouldn’t stoop to violence because violence is never the solution but it clearly was for you. I am very calm and collected but all of you have lost your temper.
    I am everything you all claimed to be but it is you who are attacking. I merely posted facts and you all took such great offense to gentic knowledge.


  20. Anonymous

    No what threatens me is your stupidity.

    “I don’t think it is possible for a man to love his children.”

    This is stupid and an insult toward mankind. It’s your very first fucking statement.

    “I’m just very disappointed that you guys don’t see the bigger picture of the error in your ways, your thinking”

    There’s nothing wrong with my thinking- I love women. I happen to be single, but I’m not bitter, like you. I would not eliminate women ever- or suggest that women didn’t love children.

    You need to get out… I mean to me it seems like you don’t know any good men. I love children that aren’t even my own, and I feel bad that their parents could be doing more for them.

    But really I think you’re just pissed off by some guy.

    Also I don’t give a shit about genetics. The fact that you know about genetics doesn’t make you more intelligent than I am, because you don’t know things that I know. So making a presumption that someone is less intelligent or feels intimidated by your knowledge on a particular subject shows to me that you’re less intelligent than I am. Point blank.

    In your original post you say you want to hit men and call them liars. Hitting men is violence.

    Finally, I think you’re like in 8th grade or something which makes me the idiot here. I’m done with this argument but you really need to check yourself. Or become a hermit. I really wish you wouldn’t post shit like that about men, though. Those are fighting words. You got what you wanted.

    So you know what- it doesn’t say much about women. How do you like that?


  21. Anonymous

    For the record, I’m not the OP. you should ask before making assumptions. I am bitter over nothing. You assume I am. I commented against violence even after someone threatened me. Again, I am not the OP. Men post about women all the time. Would you like me to go back copy and paste all the stereotypes I was called? I never stated out right I was more intelligent. I know I am young and don’t know everything but I do know that I didn’t deserve to be called a bitch or be threatened. How do you like knowing because you never asked a simple question, more than half your argument is wrong?


  22. Anonymous

    In all of my 32 years, I have never witnessed a man taking care of his child. At least no one in my family. It’s pretty sad when I had five siblings to go by, my own father, and now the father of my child… I have felt like this all of my life. It’s just a confession. I will continue to suffer with this toxic feeling in me. I’m sorry I caused so much trouble… So may post with no replies… Didn’t think anyone would even read.


  23. Anonymous

    #34 – I am a single father. I have a 15 month old son. His mother is a pill addict who chose to give up her child in favor of snorting things up her nose. I work 12 hour shifts, and I take very good care of my son. He goes to bed every single night with a full belly, bathed, and loved. Your experiences with men and children are unfortunate and inaccurate.


  24. Anonymous

    I’ve been wanting someone to prove these feelings wrong. I know women are capible of just as horrific things as men and that men are capible of truly beautiful things just as women are… I guess my problem comes from the fact that I have never felt it or seen it in action up close and personal. I’m sorry, 35. You have just as tough a situation as me.


  25. Anonymous

    Alright for one girls you threw the insults first two the bone marrow thing requires an insane amount of genome splicing to even work because without sperm the egg doesn’t recognize the DNA this process takes lots of money and I’m sure none of you can afford it 3 you don’t decide what’s good for somebody else’s child unless that child is being abused and no telling your child that they don’t get to be whatever they want to be is not abuse, forcing your male child(what he was born as not what you decided he was you dumb cunts which applies to any parent that does this not just you) to dress like a girl is abuse as is the opposite. 4 your all idiots in a pointless argument about something that’s inherently wrong


  26. Anonymous

    That’s true. Dads really can’t love their children ,especially their son as much as a mother. Recently my mom died and my dad scold us all day . He doesn’t even care that me and my brother are hurting as well. He only keeps blaming us that we never kept our mother happy. When my mom was alive he kept scolding her . Whenever we had a happy mood he would only bring up topics that are not pleasant building a tense atmosphere making us and mom sad. We are not so rich because my dad invested money in shitty schemes and still brag about them. He feels he is never wrong . Trying to talk to him or ask him for money even if its very less will get you thousand hours of scolding. He says we are not his responsibility anymore . Those who don’t know my pain can never understand and those taking their dads side are really lucky cause im sure thier dads must be great.


  27. Anonymous

    My brother and I were abandoned by our mother and lovingly raised by our father. It goes both ways. Some people are just horrible human beings. Maybe you should look in the mirror to figure out who can and cannot love whom.


  28. Anonymous

    OP is completely out of touch with reality. Lady, you need help. For the sake of that poor child that you carried for 9 months, get help. If not, you will infect her/him with the same unhappiness and incompleteness that you have lived with for so long. Unlike you, your little one might not survive it.


  29. Anonymous

    I dont believe that a mother could love her children just because she carried them inside of her. I also dont believe that a child should love their mother/father just because they are their child. Parents dont love their children just because they raised them, love comes from a different experience. Same goes for children.


  30. Anonymous

    Notice how all the people hating on this post either have decent relationships with their father, their father died when they were young so they have good memories of them or hear stories, or are men who abandoned their kids. Stop judging people for their personal experiences and thoughts. No one should have to apologize for how life experiences changed. Its just the way people are. If you love your father and your a good father yourself great. And if you don’t, still great. I for one agree with the OP, men suck at loving their kids and expressing emotions. And I don’t care who disagrees.


  31. Anonymous

    jesus stop arguing, there are bad mothers AND bad fathers. There are perfect mothers AND perfect fathers. we are both human beings. What? Because we don’t look the same means one of us is instantly more capable of being “unloving” or “a whore” or “abusive” honestly people need to grow up. Because there are unloving mothers AND fathers. Women AND men can be whores and believe me, mothers can be just as abusive as fathers. Grow the fuck up. And just so you know, I grew up with a slut mom and a runaway dad so don’t say SHIT about me having a good father and that’s why I’m posting this. MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUAL. CAN’T WE JUST ACCEPT THAT INSTEAD OF BEING AT CONSTANT FUCKING WAR???


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