I’ve never been in a relationship before, but thats not the problem. The problem is that I am scared to be in one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asexual or anything, I like boys just like every other heterosexual girl. The problem arises when confessing becomes involved. This is why I try not to tell my friends my crushes because they always tell me to express my feelings.!I don’t want to confess because if I do I could get rejected. And if they like me too the whole world would know we were together. And that gives me anxiety. The whole world would know that we liked eachother. And they would put pressure on us. I just don’t want that. I’ve seen it happen to a friend of mine. All she ever talked about was her boyfriend.
So when people ask, what would you do if your crush asked you out. I tell them would say no. They are always so confused.

Simply Confess