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I need help. The past year has been hell for me. I’ve hurt myself, and others. The damage I’ve done to myself is more mental than physical, but there’s still a little bit of physical. The mental part is just allowing myself to believe that I’m worthless, and that no one would care if I left. I mean I could never do that, but I dont know. I’m more worried because i push people away from me. People i care so much about have told me that they hurt themselves, that they actually wanted to go. It scared the shit out of me, to be honest. I convinced them, somehow, to stay. But I’m still shaking from that, what they said and what they really believed about themselves. The main part about that though, is that I decided I would try my best to not hurt myself again. I told them, I promised them I would never do it again if they just stayed. And so far I’ve kept true to that promise. I don’t know. I just need help, I need to just say everything and get it off my mind. It’s really hard holding it all in. That’s why I had hurt myself. Because I guess I just felt trapped in my own skin.

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