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need to get this off my chest, me and my girlfriend like to have threesome, with girls and guys, she has a black friend and I’m not kidding when it came time to fuck I felt so happy, im straight, I think, but when she was riding him she asked me to finger her ass hole, she wasn’t watching and i had a feeling he was game so I played with his balls too, he stroked my leg and squeezed so I knew he likes it, so I sucked then, one thing led to another and we got caught and the best moment of my life came and was totally out of my character and out of the blue, she kissed me and said open wide, I sucked his cock while she sucked mine, I want it to happen again it was bliss swallowing cum from his dick, it was quite large and the load was big too, ill be trying to make it happen again

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  • You’re gay

    Anonymous August 13, 2017 4:09 am Reply

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