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wish me luck folks, I am going to have to have a screaming match with one or both of my parents shortly

my dad came in and told me it’s time to do the dishes

and that’s all well and good, except for the last two times the dishes were done, sibling #2 did not have to do any of the jobs associated, as sibling #2 was absent from the house and mom would not let sibling #1 and me wait so all positions (washing, rinsing, drying) could be filled

I know, it sounds silly that we all have a separate job for this one chore, but it’s been established for years, since we usually have enough dishes to fill a four-foot long counter, a stove-top, the sinks, and the kitchen table because we never know if we’re gonna have to do it or if mom will and neither mom nor dad believe in rinsing after they’ve cooked, so it’s thoroughly disgusting and puke-worthy, and frankly I was fucking tired of it being me who had to stick my hands in the water that shortly would be filled with discarded pieces of food that may or may not be moldy, so now we have a switching system

but the system does not work if all three of us are not there

so, since sibling #2 hasn’t been there, the system has technically been stuck on ‘my turn’ to wash for the previous two times as well as this time

but! sibling #1 and I set a timer the last two times and switched who had washing duty the last two times, so we both washed, while sibling #2 did nothing

so. it is sibling #2′s fucking turn to wash the dishes, but #2’s just sitting there on the fancy iphone sib #2′s S/O gave him that none of the rest of us can fucking afford, trying to shuffle the dishes off on me again even though sib #2 is here ( and alright, I have some clear jealously issues to work through- the entire rest of the family still has flip-phones in this the year of 2017 which is a fucking ostrasizer from society when you’re a college student tryna make friends)

SO. I’mma have to revert to be a teen (I’m 23 and a total fucking failure as an adult, hence why I am still living at home, and not living my dream of living Far From Here, in a distant land, where none of my family even knows how to contact me or whether or not I am dead, with the exception of the rare package in the mail, sent from a distant third location no where near where I live, and yes, this is a real and true hope for my life I’ve had since a child and I’m 23 and stuck at my parents’ house, unable to complete my fucking degree bc money, move out bc money, or even get a fucking job bc we live in the middle of nowhere and transportation, which again costs money) and do some fucking yelling to be heard around here. Last time we didn’t wanna do the dishes, (me and sib #1, wanting to wait for sib #2) mom threatened to take away our electronics like I was a kid again, and threatening to take away my books for a punishment ever worked, and did not make me be a complete and utter horror of a child who would refuse to do school assignments because ‘I’m not allowed to read, sorry I can’t read anything, what are letters?’ while blatantly reading a different book that did not get confiscated and being a total shit about anything my parents said or did in the mean-time
i admit i was a total horror of a child and have no fear reverting once in a while, which, y’know, I recognize as a thing I need to work through as well but right now I have had to stick my hands in rotting food-water twice and I give no shits
I’m not even gonna read over this for coherency, that’s how spitting mad I am

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