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So around this time last year, I had my first experience of gay sex with a another guy.

Since I was 11 I’ve known I’m bisexual and have always experimented with cross dressing to the point where I might be transgendered.

Anyway, to cut a long story short- I met a guy on a social network site for crossdressers and guys who like crossdressers, it turned out he only lived ten miles away, and we hooked up.

It was…amazing. But I’ve purged myself of all my clothes, makeup etc and now I live at home so it’s never going to happen again. I literally can’t stop thinking about it, especially that feeling of being a woman and being treated like a princess and being completely helpless as he, ahem, ‘took control’. We basically did everything possible, with me receiving the entire time.

Just needed to get it off my chest I guess xxxxxxx

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  • I volunteer at a Gay/Lesbian community center in Las Vegas. I’ve heard stories like yours thousands of times.

    It isn’t about denying your urges. It’s about coming to terms with what you really want deep down. There are cultures that support the idea of a third gender where people can cross gender lines.

    Western culture has a hard time with the idea that gender is more of a sliding scale rather than bipolar. The trick is self discovery. Come to terms with who you are.

    Anonymous December 8, 2014 4:47 pm Reply

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