I cum so hard everytime a guy fucks my ass while a girl licks my pussy.
Unfortunately this combo is really hard to find in this country :-(.

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  1. Anonymous

    I agree. Maybe it’s not hard to find the girl (and it definitely isn’t hard to find the guy), but I think it would be hard to find both at the same time. You probably did that once, and it was extremely rare. Am I right?


  2. Anonymous

    Yes I have once, only once, guy was there, actually many (I don’t even want to start on that), but it took me months to find a girl, many many months.
    Its very frustrating because we only did it once too, she was visiting the country & left.


  3. Anonymous

    Mmhmm. So you see, it’s something that’s hard to come by. Are you okay with doing it with complete strangers? Because if you are, you could try adult networking sites.


  4. Anonymous

    I think the website forces everyone to put their nationality, so that’s no problem. This is a famous one. Don’t ask how I know.

    ***link has been removed by the moderator***


  5. Anonymous

    oh wat a concern..something so frustrating..
    u ppl are obsessed sick ppl..who want to talk about sex …and the ppl answering this post are even more obsessed and sick..and think they are full of advice and care and they just dont realise that they are sick..and maybe should have some religion and faith not to even advice ppl to take such measures and act this way…
    u are sick ppl honestly..


  6. Anonymous

    And you’re a delusional religious fanatic, 7. And to number 6, you’re just going to have to try. You’ll get nothing if you don’t put effort into it.


  7. Anonymous

    7. Get a life.
    Stop coming on this site, if it hurts your precious delicate eyes & soul so much.
    or go die.
    I don’t care :).


  8. Anonymous

    No need for name calling. And everyone has their sexual preferences. Leave everyone to share their thoughts and ideas without feeling pressured to keep it in.
    Or you know what? Keep calling her names and insulting her. It won’t change her preferences and it won’t change the ‘sane’ peoples comments towards her. So get back on your high horse and keep doing your thing. Enjoy!


  9. Anonymous

    10- why are you judging? Are you in any position to act like a saint? Please keep your criticisms to yourself unless you have some positive/neutral comments to share.


  10. Anonymous

    I came here hoping, there would be more people who are into the same sort of thing, but seems like that is not the situation.
    1. Thank you for all the positive comments, same goes for everyone else who gave positive comments.


  11. Anonymous

    i don’t like group sex cause there is always someone left with a hradon when all holes are occupied 🙂

    i like one to one sex only


  12. Anonymous

    I think it’s HOT! I’ve never been lucky enough for a threesome. How in the world did you ever get lucky enough to find out this makes you cum really good?


  13. Anonymous

    I like foursomes. I like to find a couple with a dog. Then I suck off the dog while the guy pokes me in the ass and the girl gives me a blow job. Love the dog dick. Usually bigger and better. The volume of cum is awesome. Many times the female asks for instructions on how to suck the dog. Once acquired, the ability to suck dog’s dick is very addictive. I have no problem finding couples who own male dogs.


  14. Anonymous

    Ya it’s really wild. Unfortunately my gf and her roommate both are unwilling for anal. Still I can fuck their mouths and Pussy while they are in 69


  15. Anonymous

    I did have a couple of dogs lick me till I came. ITT its almost as intense as a prostate orgasm
    Maybe I can have a dog mount me while I’m getting sucked and a guy can stand in front of me while I suck him off.


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