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I’m a little, and my daddy and my big brovver make me their lil family whore. Daddy calls me princess and buys me pretty clothes for him to cum on. He goes away for work a lot. Big brovver chokes me and plays pee pee games wif me while he babysits me. He even buys me puppy pads and makes me lift my leg and go peepee like a puppy while his big thingy is in my mouth. If I have peepee accidents in my big girl panties, big brovver makes me stay in them until he’s ready to punish me. When he’s ready, he makes me take my peepee panties off and he stuffs them in my mouth while he stuffs as much of his big thingy as he can inside my little wet cunny. I like getting punished so much that I have peepee accidents in my big girl panties on purpose and then I show my big brovver.

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