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okay so, I’m a straight guy and got black out drunk last Saturday. I’m completely clueless in the morning to how anything happened the night before or as to how I got home but finding texts on my phone asking where people are because “this” or whatever is so fucked up. So it is now wednesday and it totally snapped in my head that I’m pretty sure some guy raped me or some sortve shit because I remember not really knowing what was happening and it was like an eery weird feeling that I was being taken advantage of or controlled and that I looked down and this dude was sucking my dick so once everything snapped into place in my head and I realized what was going on I remember honestly just starting to run away, no I’m not gay, I’m pretty sure at the moment I was beyond grossed out and confused as to what the fuck to do and currently I am still grossed out. cheers to whoever made this website because I needed this the hell off of my chest

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