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About five years ago, I met an unhappily married woman. We became friends, but she quickly began to have feelings for me. She told me her husband was an abusive drunk who had cheated on her. I hadn’t been in a relationship for over a decade since the girl I was engaged to got sick and passed away shortly before we were supposed to get married. Point is, I had dragged a broken heart behind me for a long time. But in spite of that AND my own feelings about cheating, I eventually fell in love with this woman. We made plans to be together. She wanted to wait until her son graduated and then she would leave him and we would be together. For four years I was happy. Life was good. My heart was finally healing. And then, one day, everything just stopped. She had decided she was going to stay with her husband and forget that we were ever anything more than really good friends. I don’t know what happened. But it destroyed me. I think, when her son (who is a total brat) graduated, she realized that everything in her life was going to change. And then her husband’s mother died and she was there to comfort him and he changed and she fell back in love with him. I guess. But she abandoned me. I was the sacrifice she made to have the marriage she always wanted. Now I am not sure what is true. I have a suspicion that she lied to me a lot. Maybe I was always just a placeholder. a backup plan. I am in love with her still, and I hate her. She is my best friend and I wish I had never met her.

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