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I’m repulsed by mentally disabled people. They make me uncomfortable and, frankly, disgusted. I get unbelievably annoyed seeing mentally handicapped people scream, screech, have meltdowns, etc.

It’s ridiculous that any normal person would feel the same if it was ANY other child acting that way while they’re trying to enjoy dinner or a movie or something.. but if the person is autistic or otherwise disabled then everyone else should just have to deal with it. Yeah, they have every right to be in public, I’m not saying keep them locked up at home at all. But I have the right to enjoy things I’m paying for too. If my child cries or acts out, I remove them from the situation to calm them and not disturb everyone else, who also deserve to enjoy their meal/movie/whatever. If my kid is really having a bad day and can’t calm down, we leave if it’s at all possible. It’s not fair to my child to keep stressing them out more by staying (when we don’t absolutely have to), and it’s not fair to everyone else around me. But if you believe people with disabled kids should do the same, then you’re an awful person.

I’m so tired of hearing people say that people who have Down Syndrome or autism or whatever are “a gift”. They’re not.

My best friend is now permanently disabled and unable to work, thanks to a severely autistic kid who should have been at a school equipped to handle him. She was a bus monitor and got put on the bus for mentally disabled kids because their monitor was out. The kid had a meltdown and grabbed her in a head lock and hit her, and hit her head off things. She got a concussion, a neck injury, and has lasting neurological problems that will never go away. And his parents knew he gets violent like that and basically justified it because “he’s disabled and he can’t control it”. How the fuck is it ok that he injured someone so fucking badly that THEY CAN NO LONGER WORK AND ARE PERMANENTLY PHYSICALLY DISABLED?! For fucks sake. He shouldn’t have been at a school that wasn’t equipped to deal with him then. No one at that school or on the bus was even trained to work with mentally disabled people.

Yes, I know I’ll be called an asshole or a POS or whatever else. But that’s how I feel, and this is the only place I can let it out.

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  • I don’t think it’s the mentally disabled who ur repulsed by but rather society’s inability to manage them properly. When you think about it, no one really knows whose going to burst and hurt someone at any moment. But you’ve got a point, if you know someone is violent then you should take measures. Sorry ur friend got hurt.

    Anonymous February 7, 2018 8:05 pm Reply
  • Blame the “normal” people who put your friend in that position, the ones who should have ensured the disabled person was in the right place.
    Don’t blame the poor fucker who has little to no control over what their brain does.

    Anonymous February 7, 2018 10:51 pm Reply

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