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i just recently became a legal adult and i can’t seem to make life work out for me, i’m failing every class because every day i just give up study for videogames,which are my drug,despite promising every day that tomorrow i’ll seriously study, i have some irl friends but its a sore pain to me to actually hang out, as i would rather play videogames all day and all night, also i’m kinda good looking, as for i attracted a few decent looking girls, even a pretty one, but my behavior is just so unnatural , cringy, that pushes them away,i’m only able to act normally,well,naturally more than normally with close friends,even if they don’t feel me close to them that much also because i never feel the need to text them that often, neither to ask to hang out with them, for i fear being declined or being a bore being just in two of us,because i feel like i have to entertain that person like it was a duty, as i want to be likedvand considered like a cool and chill guy, but end up acting unnaturally, also i find it very hard to make new friends as i don’t know how to approch people,and make up excuses in my mind and consider myself picky,rather than full of anxiety,had a few good looking gfs, surprisingly, for i do look good ,but then my unnatural personality comes out, making me look cringy and pushing people away, honestly, i stay at home so much without feeling the need to talk to anyone besides my online friends, i don’t want to fail in life, but there are so many things in my mind pushing me back, i can’t ignore them

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