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I love my best friend. I can’t tell in which way. I don’t know if I love her like a sister or like a guy loves a girl… I trust her with my life and would do anything for her. The only problem is she’s mostly gay (she has dated guys she just doesn’t like dicks. which I’m fine with no sexual stuff. gross). She’s also a few years older than me (i just turned 18). Even if she just sleeps during our time together sometimes I love to be around her. When I crashed at her place the other day I slept with this feeling that I was truly safe and I was going to be fine. Every time I tell her my feelings it seems they change in one way or another and I feel like I need to clarify them. It just hurts my heart knowing we won’t be much closer than this and there’s no possibility of us being together. Anyway… I still stand by her side, give her relationship advice, hang out with her, etc. I think I just want something more

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