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I am not much of a royalist or watcher of their stuff, but I am even surprised that harry announced wedding to merkle because of her bare all photos and scenes that don’t fit in with princess images, the younger royals have taken royalty to just playboy with kate and this new one to marry in, she is being compared to diana and princess grace but somehow they look just like really bad hooker versions of grace and di. its disturbing all the nudity being allowed by royals now. what would the old established royals see in her nude brass-ass ways and its a scream of a show. I guess the world would be shocked if they broke up now. something don’t add up with their interviews on the news. I can’t stand all that rubbish. all these rich celebrities marrying with false love in their eyes, so don’t want to wake up from her dream til some day.

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  • i wish the uk royal couples all the joyces in the world!

    Anonymous March 14, 2018 10:23 am Reply

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