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I rarely ever get angry. But when I do, I let my anger out when I am alone. Almost enough to scare myself. I scream at inanimate objects or invisible people, I kick, I stomp, I break things. I throw objects. I punch the pillows and beds and hard surfaces bruising my knuckles. I write down my anger, I burn paper, I scratch at myself and curl up in a ball heaving, holding myself, trying to catch my breath or break down crying. I’m afraid if I continue like this I’ll explode and hurt someone I love or myself. I just want everyone to pay for how mad people have made me feel over the years. But at the same time I don’t want to hurt innocent people. Still if I had to choose a way to hurt allot of people. I’d take away their most prized possessions. Like dogs. I’d burn all the dogs in he world since people seem to love the barking little shits so much. Maybe then someone will understand my pain and frustration with the world.
Perhaps I am crazy. Maybe I already lost my mind

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