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I once worked with a young-looking 22 year old girl that would tell men that she was 16 to get laid. Here’s why. She was admittedly very sexual, and enjoyed casual sex. However, she wasn’t quite attractive enough to sleep with whoever she wants, and men as hot as she wanted to sleep with. So, she thought she’d see how guys reacted to her being underage. She told guys in bars that her ID was fake, and that she was 16. She claims that she was NEVER turned down after telling this to men, and has done this over 200 times. She says that her male friends all claim that they’d turn down a 16 year old, but evidence suggests otherwise. She said that she has even claims to be younger sometimes, but won’t do that anymore because it becomes way to creepy for her, and she’d rather not see all men that way. Basically, now she sees the hottest guy in the bar, tells him that she’s 16, then gets laid. That technique has never failed her.

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  • I’m not surprised. I have always suspected that all guys were creeps. This confirms it.

    Anonymous May 21, 2017 10:23 am Reply

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