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i like this guy but im not meant to because sHiPs how fun. apparently he likes/d me but idk how trustworthy the sources are. im assuming he does cos of other experiences though. he’s adorable and relatable, always keeps conversations fun but has his own deep thoughts too. he can seem like a dick to other people but he rlly isnt? and he tries to look tough but is lowkey scared of things, i find that cute lol. hes also semi athletic and cares about school. all these traits sound rlly scattered but thats because i cant order them oops! i think the point i realised i was starting to take interest in him was when he got a new haircut. cheesy i know, but it did make him look cuter and more childlike i guess. even if i dont have intentions on dating anyone soon, i still wanna become even closer friends with him than i already am while overcoming the barriers of ship names and peer judgement 🙂 thanks for reading!

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